Beer and pretzles roleplaying

Tsuen Va - Juornal

Uh more Goblins

Finally a well deserved rest, we have been running around in this infested dungeon for a bit now and have gone about the hard work of clearing the place out room by room. After the first encounter we decided to head down the corridor on the left hand side. We sent Fliet down the hall to listen to doors and get a feel for the dangers ahead. We followed closely behind to make sure that any dangers he might meet we could quickly get him out of. We explored a bit and found a door with machinery or laborers working beyond it. We decided to re shut the door and explore some other sections of the dungeon. We moved on and found a few sleeping and food preparation areas it culminated in a stairway headed down. It seemed logical to try and clear out this level of the dungeon before we moved on deeper into the workings. We backtracked and took the right hand corridor from were the pit trap was. Again we sent Fliet ahead and followed closely behind him. We worked our way down and came upon a room with three doors in it. We could hear voices beyond the middle door and prepared ourselves to rush into the room. We entered and completely surprised the goblins beyond. In quick order we cut them down like wheat. Along a hallway connected to the room we found an imprisoned goblin. He claimed that he was a petty thief and stole some food so he ended up in the cell. We came to an agreement, he would supply us with a map of the dungeon as best he new it and we would let him go. His information told us that one of the three doors we had come to had a powerful goblin boss beyond it. We kept up our end of the bargain and released the goblin outside of the dungeon. We then made preparations for an assault into the sanctuary of this goblin boss. We pressed our way into the room and followed a corridor down. Hearing some goblin voices coming from a room at the end of the corridor, we readied ourselves and burst into the room. Creating a solid defensive line in the room allowed Nex to deliver his attacks from behind as Fliet did the same. The Back of the room was obstructed by some curtains and as we engaged in combat with the goblins in the room quickly began to pore in from behind the curtain. The fight began in urn est and we slew them in droves. Patrin let loose with his dragon breath and many of the goblins fell roasted in there tracks. We pushed further into the room and encountered stiff opposition but with some good timing and aggressive posturing we managed to keep the enemy at bay. In the confusion we did loose track of there rogue who may have been there leader. I figure we will get him later. The fight was hard but we seemed to get through it alright. We looted the bodies and searched out the rooms in this area. We even recovered a chest that after we bashed it open recovered a fair bit of gold. So far, so good, we recovered some magical hide armor, a magic wand of some sort and a key that we need to figure out what it goes to. I am writing this now and I could go on but maybe a good rest would be the best coarse of action. Nex seems to think it will do him well to take a moment to himself and recover. Fliet has had a rough time of things also and is in need of a rest. I think that the better part of valor will be to relax for a bit. So I am off to bed and we shall see what tomorrow brings at least this room appears to be relatively secure.



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