Beer and pretzles roleplaying

Journal entry Tsuen Va finding some new ruins

After taking the full measure of the situation we decided it was time to head back to town. we thought we might have to find a new adventurer to fill the void made by our wizard and refresh ourselves. The travel back was fortunately uneventful and the Kobolds seemed to want no part of us now that Iron tooth had been dispatched. We arrived and made our way to the inn to see if the Lord of the town was there and unfortunately he was not but one of his underlings was there and we began to explain the situation to him. We had the head of Iron tooth and had uncovered a more sinister plot brewing on the outskirts of the town that his Lordship should be concerned with. We made our way to the manor and explained ourselves directly to his lordship. In spite of our best efforts I was unable to acquire a new contract to go after the menace that seemed to be brewing in the old ruins north east of the town with cultists of Orcus or something of the sort. But it seems that his Lordship was reasonable to grant us permission to pursue the issue and if compensation is appropriate he would make amends as best as possible for our troubles. Se we left behind the head of Iron tooth and collected our bounty and let our half ling prisoner go. It was time to take care of the books for [[Vinless & Company]] ad begin the recruiting proses for finding a replacement for our wizard. I made notes in the ledgers of our activities and divide up the gold and silver among the group. I also then solidified our policies on the ownership and usage of magic items acquired during corporate activities. It seems that all magic items found while adventuring will be considered corporate property and is then lent out as materials to be used by the group as best the group feels is appropriate. All unused equipment will be liquidated and its value dispersed among the share holders. Those wishing to take personal ownership of an item will have to reimburse the company for taking the item. Why these things seem to be important to me I am not sure but I guess having a large family myself I realize rules makes for less arguments in the future. I have yet to figure out what happens if we have an item several of us desire to use equally. Maybe we will have to draw lots or something…. Well you would think I was a dwarf considering all that prater. After we had taken care of the books Nex introduced us to a warrior named Jared who seemed like a sturdy fellow. It seems that wizard talent was not something we were going to find in this town and this Jared fellow would be the next best thing. We took a vote and decided to accept his application into the Company. Then we moved on to take care of some personal finances and equipment gathering I personally was on the lookout for getting an ever burning torch and a climbing kit. I also wanted to see about having some light barding made for Ginders considering that we would be seeing more action in the neer future. All the transactions were going fine and the shop keeper a good fellow by all accounts was offering reasonable prices for his wears. Then he stepped into the back room and all hell broke loose. Apparently Fliet decided to take inventory for himself and made his way into the back room. Well as the shopkeeper when back to get what I payed for he found Fliet. All hell broke loose and I tried my best to defuse the situation. Fire, drowning and a little bit of punishment seemed to help and the shopkeeper let us off easy but it was a completely embarrassing situation from start to Finnish. In the future I think I am going to have to be a little bit more direct with Fliet about when its not appropriate to use his skills. With that wrapped up we headed out of town and took several days to get to the ruins. We carefully made our way through the ruins and eventually found a hatch leading down below. There was a dull light coming from below and we made ourselves ready and sent Fliet down first to investigate. It was not long before we met some of the residence of the dungeon we had just entered. Jared proved to do a quite admirable job of holding down the opposition. While the rest of us maintained control and spacing of the area in oder to maximize our ability to eliminate the threat. Even having Patrin fall into the pit trap in the center of the room became a surmountable problem as I was able to tie a rope around a coll om and send the rope down so he could climb out easily. We made short work of the goblins. So we are taking a short rest and collecting our equipment up and taking an inventory of the goblins pockets… now what direction should we head in next?



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