Beer and pretzles roleplaying

Journal entry Tsuen VA

journal entry for the pit fight

After our long and hard fought battle in the caves we looted what we could and regrouped. I remember thinking once that this was going to be an easy thing adventuring verses a life under the thumb of Greta and Gursen now I am not so sure. I guess being beaten makes you stronger like steel and I find myself hardening to the challenges. At least Ginders is having a decent time of it. We collected up some modest loot though to me its more than I have ever had. We took some time to regroup and gather our strength and moved on following our best guess of direction of were our boss went. We followed until we came to a river and with a little ingenuity and a rope we forged it successfully. Wet but no worse for wear and we moved along. It was not much more than a day and a half and we came along to a dig site. A huge pit was excavated within were several men with shovels a suspicious looking Gnome and a pair of his pets (beasts of unknown origin with sharp teeth.) On the far side of the pit was a halfling pointing us out to the Nome below. The pit appeared to have some old dragon bones that had been excavated out. The Gnome began gesturing for us to come down to talk and it all just seemed a bit suspicious to me. That said its hard to deny an invitation and I did not have real proof that something was out of sorts so I decided to go down. I did however leave my companions on the ridge in an advantageous position to back me up if things went afoul. Sure enough they sure did in short order and I was attacked. I escaped in taking a shot for my efforts but the battle was on. We fought hard and by the skin of our teeth we won out. We took a moment to rest and began investigating the digging site and interrogating our halfling prisoner. We discovered a silver mirror and soon after my old boss who was concealed in a bag. He was mighty happy to see us and we set about learning what had happened to him. Unfortunately our companion Wizard succumbed to his injuries from the battle. We decided the best we could do was bury him in the remains of the dragon bones a fitting place for a wizard we thought. I wish we had had more time to get to know him.



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