Beer and pretzles roleplaying

Journal entry Jared Eben Ashlok

Did I mention I hate Kobolds?

I’m starting a new journal as my previous one was lost to the river in my latest encounter with kobolds. I hate Kobolds.

Following the directions of the local farmers union (see “unfriendly pitchfork wielding loonies”), I was able to find a small town. I never caught the name of the town but it is sitting on 2 major trade lanes so there is a good chance I can get some work here. After a bath and a shave, I was ready to see the sights of the area! 3 minutes after that I was polishing a bar stool with my ass… Some subtle questions to the bartender let me know that there wasn’t much available in my line of work and yes she was single, she wasn’t interested, and she recommends the local ale. She must be into girls I guess. Pity. Shortly afterward I saw a small group of people enter the bar, a leezard, a runt, an ugly demon, and old man, a small woman on a leash, and some pretty boy. Now I don’t approve of slavery, but it isn’t my town and the locals didn’t seem to give her a second glance. She must like that sort of thing I guess. Well if the locals don’t care to say anything then it isn’t my place to enforce my morals on them (see “don’t care”).

I hunted around a little more (saw the pretty boy put up a wanted poster) and after an exhaustive search on the bulletin board right in front of me, the one with a single poster on it, located a job opportunity! I took this as a Hint. “Wanted – Lizard with armor with good constitution”. The poster looked new and it appeared to have been defaced recently. As luck would have it, I saw a leezard earlier with armor and he looked really healthy. I went back to the bar, armored up and went looking for my payday. I mean how hard could it be to find a leezard in a human town? Apparently it is very hard, as I have failed. As I returned to my barstool, I saw the leezard’s companion, the ugly demon, stalking the old man. I could see the burning focus, the hunger in his gaze as he watched the old man having his dinner. Putting 2 and 2 together I realized that the demon was lonely and/or hungry. I invited myself to join him and asked him about his travels. “Blah, blah, blah, lost a member, blah, blah, need a new one, blah, blah, and needs to be tough, blah, blah” the ugly demon said. Another hint! Fate is really looking out for me lately! I went to the privy and when I returned the ugly demon was missing. I looked for him for awhile but couldn’t seem to find him. I couldn’t locate the old man either. Well I guess the demon wasn’t lonely and/or hungry anymore. I went looking for the others of his group with the poster in my hands and came across the pretty boy.

He seem overjoyed when he say me announcing that he was glad this little town had a wizard willing to travel and adventure with them. As the pretty boy went to introduce me to the runt, I was thinking over the most recent understanding I found myself in. Upon very close inspection, the wanted poster stated “Wanted –Wizard” not “Wanted – Lizard”. It seems that this wasn’t a contract on the big leezard I saw earlier. That could have been embarrassing, but it seems to be working out alright. I decided I should study this poster in a bit more depth.

Someone had defaced it before I got to it and it appears that I misread it. Well I guess it could be worse, I filled 3 of the 4 requirements at least; Armor, Healthy, Willing to travel, but not a wizard. I’ll keep the poster folded up in my journal for now. Well, time to talk to the runt, pretty boy tells me that he’s in charge. Negotiations were short and to the point. 1 – even share of wealth, 2 – items of power belong to the group but can be purchased, 3 – until purchased items are used by whoever wants them. Pretty Boy added another clause to the agreement at the end, 4 – keep the one guy not wearing armor alive. It appears that I am now a member of the “Vinless Company”. Who is Vinless?

Our first Job! It seems we’ve been contracted to clean out a keep of goblins that have infested it. If the goblins were tough enough to clear out the previous owners then it doesn’t bode well for us it taking it from them…Oh, never mind, we’re clearing out the RUINS of a keep. That’s easier then. I really hope we have someone that is good with traps in the group, ‘cause goblins love setting traps even more than kobolds. Sigh, once more into the breach…



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