Beer and pretzles roleplaying

In which tactics is discussed

Following their near defeat at the hands of an unruly group of kobolds, our heroes retire for the night with a discussion about tactics and possibly the need for some sort of coordinated action. In the morning they continue south, following the map they received until in the distance they heard the chatter of kobold voices. A quick fight ensued and the heroes prevailed mightily against the guards outside the entrance to the kobold lair. Unfortunately, one of the kobolds escaped to warn those inside of the attack.

Upon entering the lair the party was hit from all sides by kobold flankers. Only the cunning of Vin Gates saved them as he launched a flaming sphere of fire onto the kobolds, burning hoards of them into a crisp. Shortly, the vile goblin berserker Irontooth entered the fray, felling first one and then another of the heroes. Just when all seemed lost, a timely blow from Fliet dropped Irontooth to his knees. Though sustaining a mortal wound, Irontooth called out “Kaleral and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!” before expiring.



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