Beer and pretzles roleplaying

I hate Slime

I am sitting in front of a cold pool of water taking a rest with my newly re broken nose and picking way the dead flesh from my arms with my dagger because the acid has etched deep wounds that I have begun bandaging. I am sorry if I get some blood on this journal but I write between treatments to keep my mind from the pain. Other than that we have done well for ourselves the last few hours but have come to the end of our rope and secured ourselves by this pool. It seems to be a cistern of sorts for this keep and murals decorate the walls. Not a bad place to rest though it would be much nicer had we not had to destroy a massive slime that took residence in the pool. I wish we could take a nice cold drink but it has been fouled and even Ginders is refusing a sip. The story of our time in this section of this dungeon is painful but we came through it all. Since our lest rest we decided to go through this door into the rat infested slime creeping corridors below. Still not sure if it was all just a mistake but we have cleared it of menaces and have even acquired some decent loot for it all. It started out with a hard fought battle against a slime deep in the corridors beyond the door. Trapped between swarms of hungry rats and a nasty slime we fought as hard as we could. In the end we prevailed and we gave it our all to do so. After a single short fight we nearly decided to take another short rest but decided to regroup and press on. Patrin decided to go out for a bit of fresh air and feed the pony outside while we made our way back into the dark cold corridors below. With some searching we came upon two other significant places a door with a rather prophetic warning on it and a room filled with six legged lizard creatures. We skipped the door and ran into the lizard creatures first. They tried to swarm us but we were no match for them. I think this band of Lizards will not bother anyone again and in the remains left about the ground we found a couple of blue vials in a nice looking bag. We suspect they are healing potions but the first one to try one might get a surprise. I figure that with my mobility it is best that I have them to hand out as need. We also discovered a locked room a little later hidden behind a wall. The content of it had been removed recently it looked as if one of our goblin friends had used it as a hiding place while we slept earlier. We decided to press on. That brings us to the door- it has “stay out” written in common inscribed upon it so naturally we open it up because we are curious like that. Besides in our line of work we presume we will not live for ever. We sent Fliet in first to investigate he made his way in slowly and as we could not see him any more we filed in behind him with our light held high. This is an unusual room large in size with an island in the middle of a pool that takes up most of the room. The walls are decorated with murals made in small tiles beautiful and calm. Too calm we soon found out as Nex telleported over to the island to investigate some good looking treasure resting upon it. We all could feel a trap about to spring. The water cam a live with a massive pustulating slime. Spewing noxious gas and acid all over us we attacked. I quickly exposed weaknesses in it as Jared smashed away with his morning star. Nex did his thing and Fliet had some particularly nasty strikes to the beast. What we all did was curse Patrin for his short rest was costing us not having him about. We smashed away and eventually the thing exploded in a huge ball of acid. Well that brings us to this moment wear I am binding my wounds and plugging my nose again because it started bleeding again. The stuff on the island does look like it is interesting so I think I am going to take a look when I put my journal down. We have secured the doors to the room and I am looking forward to a good rest. I need it.



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