Beer and pretzles roleplaying

And so it begins

Well gee, that was convienent

As the story begins, the party, having discovered that they are all for one reason or another traveling to Winterhaven, sets out on a two week journey along the Old King’s Road. The journey is uneventful until the last two days, when they are ambushed by kobolds. The heroes put up a good fight with few injuries and proceed to Winterhaven.

At Wrafton’s Inn in Winterhaven, Tsuen Va discovered from Elian the Old that treasure hunter extraordinaire Douvan Strall left with his team several weeks ago to excavate the supposed final resting place of Kranok the Terrible, a dragon that terrorized the are around Winterhaven a hundred years ago.

Things became interesting when Fliet approached Lord Padraig’s table and signalled his non-violent intent by drawing his dagger and offering it to them, unfortunately it was point first. Padraig’s men misinterpreted this generous gesture and there was nearly an ?incident?, but this was diffused by the cleaver actions of Tsuin Va and Patrin, as well as the general agreement that Fliet was and idiot. Lord Padraig eventually offers to pay the party to remove the kobold infestation, or at least eliminate their new leader. He proffers a map to their lair to facilitate the process.

After a good night’s sleep, the party retrieves the map and departs. Shortly along their way, they are ambushed by another group of kobolds, almost as if it were known where they would be. This match proved much more difficult, with Tsuin Va, Fliet, and Vin Gates sustainning blows that temporarily removed them from combat. Afterwards, the party rests for the night to recover their strength before venturing on to remove the new leader of the kobolds.



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