Beer and pretzles roleplaying

Heading down into an undead hell
Working our way into the layer cake

After some time contemplating the pool and finishing up my last journal entry we split up the party to pursue two separate objectives. Fliet and Jared headed off to town to talk with the astrologer concerning the unusual goings on in the area and the significance of the undead cults we have been encountering. The rest of us decided to head down a level and try to make out what is down there. Little did we know it was going to be a very eventful day. We crept down the stairs to the next level and we heard some shuffling noises off to the hallway on our left. We had to pull out the torch to brighten the darkness that was complete without it. We crept into the room and zombies began to emerge from the ruble in the room. We quickly sprang into action and cut down the undead creatures quickly. One thing about zombies is they lack the ability to get out of the way of your strikes. Having a Paladin with you while you are smashing the undead is great. The short fight ended and we moved on after Patrin purified the mains of the stinking zombies. Just beyond this room were two doors and we decided to press on. It entered into a cross shaped cathedral chamber. We were just a little way in and I forged ahead thinking if there was trouble I could spur Ginders on to get out of there fast if need be. It was just a short while and the standing statues lining the length of the room opened up and skeletons emerged to fight with us. We began to fight and it was not long before we realized we were getting mobbed as more and more skeletons emerged from the statues. Patrin being the expert in such things ran the length of the room and made his way to the alters in the room. He made some quick decisions and bang the skeletons resolved when he prayed to the appropriate gods. That was a great bit of thinking and we all breathed a sigh of relief. At the end of the hall another set of doors presented themselves to us. We moved through them and entered a burial chamber with a sarcophagus at the other end. Carved into the top was the likeness of a paladin warrior. The door slid open and the remains of the paladin shambled to life. Soon the undead creature began to speak and explained to us that he was the protector of the keep. He began to grill us on our worthiness to clear out the evil in the place and to maintain the seal the keep was erected to protect. It seems that Patrin said the right things and the undead paladin awarded him a magic sword for his oath to protect the seal. To me it seemed as though protecting the seal was in our best interests anyway. He also explained that there were some protective statues hidden in the chapel room that we should get to help us on our quest. We retrieved them and decided we could explore further into to second floor of the under keep. With a new seance of invigoration we moved on what we encountered next was quite unusual. Markings on the floor of the hallways beyond made us consciously pass through them. As we passed over the magic seals fear griped us and we ran. The symbols seemed to be some sort of alarm system and zombies arose from the corridors beyond. We got into a fight but Patrin again with his zombie killing experience put them down in short order. It seems as though the alarms activate only once per individual and some times they went off and other times they did not. We experimented with them and created a pathway through the corridors of symbols to a stairway going down beyond. We could hear voices below and we decided to set a trap of our own for them. We would lure them up and then fight them in an appropriate place upstairs.were we could not get flanked and control the corridors. Nex would be able to zap our opposition from over our shoulders. The plan worked beautifully however he realized that our opposition is tougher than anything we expected. I think we were bolstered by our earlier successes and we sorely missed having Fliet and Jared with us for this fight. I stood shoulder to shoulder with Patrin at my side controlling the hallway as Nex cured the souls of the goblins we fought beyond. We fought on even as things began to look desperate fortunately there resolve broke before ours did and we put them down. The three of us looked at each other in the cold dry air of the keep with only our hard breath to console us. We decided it would be best if we retired to the relative safety of the paladins burial chamber. So that finishes my notes and my head hurts so a bit of rest with Ginders is good. Even he is tired with his tong hanging out and that deep dog musty breath.

I hate Slime

I am sitting in front of a cold pool of water taking a rest with my newly re broken nose and picking way the dead flesh from my arms with my dagger because the acid has etched deep wounds that I have begun bandaging. I am sorry if I get some blood on this journal but I write between treatments to keep my mind from the pain. Other than that we have done well for ourselves the last few hours but have come to the end of our rope and secured ourselves by this pool. It seems to be a cistern of sorts for this keep and murals decorate the walls. Not a bad place to rest though it would be much nicer had we not had to destroy a massive slime that took residence in the pool. I wish we could take a nice cold drink but it has been fouled and even Ginders is refusing a sip. The story of our time in this section of this dungeon is painful but we came through it all. Since our lest rest we decided to go through this door into the rat infested slime creeping corridors below. Still not sure if it was all just a mistake but we have cleared it of menaces and have even acquired some decent loot for it all. It started out with a hard fought battle against a slime deep in the corridors beyond the door. Trapped between swarms of hungry rats and a nasty slime we fought as hard as we could. In the end we prevailed and we gave it our all to do so. After a single short fight we nearly decided to take another short rest but decided to regroup and press on. Patrin decided to go out for a bit of fresh air and feed the pony outside while we made our way back into the dark cold corridors below. With some searching we came upon two other significant places a door with a rather prophetic warning on it and a room filled with six legged lizard creatures. We skipped the door and ran into the lizard creatures first. They tried to swarm us but we were no match for them. I think this band of Lizards will not bother anyone again and in the remains left about the ground we found a couple of blue vials in a nice looking bag. We suspect they are healing potions but the first one to try one might get a surprise. I figure that with my mobility it is best that I have them to hand out as need. We also discovered a locked room a little later hidden behind a wall. The content of it had been removed recently it looked as if one of our goblin friends had used it as a hiding place while we slept earlier. We decided to press on. That brings us to the door- it has “stay out” written in common inscribed upon it so naturally we open it up because we are curious like that. Besides in our line of work we presume we will not live for ever. We sent Fliet in first to investigate he made his way in slowly and as we could not see him any more we filed in behind him with our light held high. This is an unusual room large in size with an island in the middle of a pool that takes up most of the room. The walls are decorated with murals made in small tiles beautiful and calm. Too calm we soon found out as Nex telleported over to the island to investigate some good looking treasure resting upon it. We all could feel a trap about to spring. The water cam a live with a massive pustulating slime. Spewing noxious gas and acid all over us we attacked. I quickly exposed weaknesses in it as Jared smashed away with his morning star. Nex did his thing and Fliet had some particularly nasty strikes to the beast. What we all did was curse Patrin for his short rest was costing us not having him about. We smashed away and eventually the thing exploded in a huge ball of acid. Well that brings us to this moment wear I am binding my wounds and plugging my nose again because it started bleeding again. The stuff on the island does look like it is interesting so I think I am going to take a look when I put my journal down. We have secured the doors to the room and I am looking forward to a good rest. I need it.

Ginders Jurnal

Well now I am in a dungeon and it smells really bad. Master killed lots of goblins, helped kill goblins- “good boy Ginders” says master. Day goes like this… wander around dungeon smells bad… smells like goblin. Walk behind, Patrin smells better, stuck nose up his butt, make sure to do more butt sniffing and get ginders on his butt. Fliet gets upset got into his food and he looks upset about ginders on food, Ginders is sorry, belly happy though, Fliet has good food, make sure get more Fliet food. Hear lots of Bla, Bla, Bla, not sure I know what that is about, not sure I care. I smell more Goblins, we kill goblins “good boy Ginders” while the others are talking to live goblin. Goblins go- Bla, Bla, Bla, I make sure I do important work and lift leg on all dead goblins, they smell better now, I will do more leg lifting. Getting a bit tired now, I think I will make a bed out of Nex extra clothes, be sure to sleep on his clothes next time. Oh, better mark room before bed… ahh that is better. Night.

Tsuen Va - Juornal
Uh more Goblins

Finally a well deserved rest, we have been running around in this infested dungeon for a bit now and have gone about the hard work of clearing the place out room by room. After the first encounter we decided to head down the corridor on the left hand side. We sent Fliet down the hall to listen to doors and get a feel for the dangers ahead. We followed closely behind to make sure that any dangers he might meet we could quickly get him out of. We explored a bit and found a door with machinery or laborers working beyond it. We decided to re shut the door and explore some other sections of the dungeon. We moved on and found a few sleeping and food preparation areas it culminated in a stairway headed down. It seemed logical to try and clear out this level of the dungeon before we moved on deeper into the workings. We backtracked and took the right hand corridor from were the pit trap was. Again we sent Fliet ahead and followed closely behind him. We worked our way down and came upon a room with three doors in it. We could hear voices beyond the middle door and prepared ourselves to rush into the room. We entered and completely surprised the goblins beyond. In quick order we cut them down like wheat. Along a hallway connected to the room we found an imprisoned goblin. He claimed that he was a petty thief and stole some food so he ended up in the cell. We came to an agreement, he would supply us with a map of the dungeon as best he new it and we would let him go. His information told us that one of the three doors we had come to had a powerful goblin boss beyond it. We kept up our end of the bargain and released the goblin outside of the dungeon. We then made preparations for an assault into the sanctuary of this goblin boss. We pressed our way into the room and followed a corridor down. Hearing some goblin voices coming from a room at the end of the corridor, we readied ourselves and burst into the room. Creating a solid defensive line in the room allowed Nex to deliver his attacks from behind as Fliet did the same. The Back of the room was obstructed by some curtains and as we engaged in combat with the goblins in the room quickly began to pore in from behind the curtain. The fight began in urn est and we slew them in droves. Patrin let loose with his dragon breath and many of the goblins fell roasted in there tracks. We pushed further into the room and encountered stiff opposition but with some good timing and aggressive posturing we managed to keep the enemy at bay. In the confusion we did loose track of there rogue who may have been there leader. I figure we will get him later. The fight was hard but we seemed to get through it alright. We looted the bodies and searched out the rooms in this area. We even recovered a chest that after we bashed it open recovered a fair bit of gold. So far, so good, we recovered some magical hide armor, a magic wand of some sort and a key that we need to figure out what it goes to. I am writing this now and I could go on but maybe a good rest would be the best coarse of action. Nex seems to think it will do him well to take a moment to himself and recover. Fliet has had a rough time of things also and is in need of a rest. I think that the better part of valor will be to relax for a bit. So I am off to bed and we shall see what tomorrow brings at least this room appears to be relatively secure.

Journal entry Jared Eben Ashlok
Did I mention I hate Kobolds?

I’m starting a new journal as my previous one was lost to the river in my latest encounter with kobolds. I hate Kobolds.

Following the directions of the local farmers union (see “unfriendly pitchfork wielding loonies”), I was able to find a small town. I never caught the name of the town but it is sitting on 2 major trade lanes so there is a good chance I can get some work here. After a bath and a shave, I was ready to see the sights of the area! 3 minutes after that I was polishing a bar stool with my ass… Some subtle questions to the bartender let me know that there wasn’t much available in my line of work and yes she was single, she wasn’t interested, and she recommends the local ale. She must be into girls I guess. Pity. Shortly afterward I saw a small group of people enter the bar, a leezard, a runt, an ugly demon, and old man, a small woman on a leash, and some pretty boy. Now I don’t approve of slavery, but it isn’t my town and the locals didn’t seem to give her a second glance. She must like that sort of thing I guess. Well if the locals don’t care to say anything then it isn’t my place to enforce my morals on them (see “don’t care”).

I hunted around a little more (saw the pretty boy put up a wanted poster) and after an exhaustive search on the bulletin board right in front of me, the one with a single poster on it, located a job opportunity! I took this as a Hint. “Wanted – Lizard with armor with good constitution”. The poster looked new and it appeared to have been defaced recently. As luck would have it, I saw a leezard earlier with armor and he looked really healthy. I went back to the bar, armored up and went looking for my payday. I mean how hard could it be to find a leezard in a human town? Apparently it is very hard, as I have failed. As I returned to my barstool, I saw the leezard’s companion, the ugly demon, stalking the old man. I could see the burning focus, the hunger in his gaze as he watched the old man having his dinner. Putting 2 and 2 together I realized that the demon was lonely and/or hungry. I invited myself to join him and asked him about his travels. “Blah, blah, blah, lost a member, blah, blah, need a new one, blah, blah, and needs to be tough, blah, blah” the ugly demon said. Another hint! Fate is really looking out for me lately! I went to the privy and when I returned the ugly demon was missing. I looked for him for awhile but couldn’t seem to find him. I couldn’t locate the old man either. Well I guess the demon wasn’t lonely and/or hungry anymore. I went looking for the others of his group with the poster in my hands and came across the pretty boy.

He seem overjoyed when he say me announcing that he was glad this little town had a wizard willing to travel and adventure with them. As the pretty boy went to introduce me to the runt, I was thinking over the most recent understanding I found myself in. Upon very close inspection, the wanted poster stated “Wanted –Wizard” not “Wanted – Lizard”. It seems that this wasn’t a contract on the big leezard I saw earlier. That could have been embarrassing, but it seems to be working out alright. I decided I should study this poster in a bit more depth.

Someone had defaced it before I got to it and it appears that I misread it. Well I guess it could be worse, I filled 3 of the 4 requirements at least; Armor, Healthy, Willing to travel, but not a wizard. I’ll keep the poster folded up in my journal for now. Well, time to talk to the runt, pretty boy tells me that he’s in charge. Negotiations were short and to the point. 1 – even share of wealth, 2 – items of power belong to the group but can be purchased, 3 – until purchased items are used by whoever wants them. Pretty Boy added another clause to the agreement at the end, 4 – keep the one guy not wearing armor alive. It appears that I am now a member of the “Vinless Company”. Who is Vinless?

Our first Job! It seems we’ve been contracted to clean out a keep of goblins that have infested it. If the goblins were tough enough to clear out the previous owners then it doesn’t bode well for us it taking it from them…Oh, never mind, we’re clearing out the RUINS of a keep. That’s easier then. I really hope we have someone that is good with traps in the group, ‘cause goblins love setting traps even more than kobolds. Sigh, once more into the breach…

Journal entry Tsuen Va finding some new ruins

After taking the full measure of the situation we decided it was time to head back to town. we thought we might have to find a new adventurer to fill the void made by our wizard and refresh ourselves. The travel back was fortunately uneventful and the Kobolds seemed to want no part of us now that Iron tooth had been dispatched. We arrived and made our way to the inn to see if the Lord of the town was there and unfortunately he was not but one of his underlings was there and we began to explain the situation to him. We had the head of Iron tooth and had uncovered a more sinister plot brewing on the outskirts of the town that his Lordship should be concerned with. We made our way to the manor and explained ourselves directly to his lordship. In spite of our best efforts I was unable to acquire a new contract to go after the menace that seemed to be brewing in the old ruins north east of the town with cultists of Orcus or something of the sort. But it seems that his Lordship was reasonable to grant us permission to pursue the issue and if compensation is appropriate he would make amends as best as possible for our troubles. Se we left behind the head of Iron tooth and collected our bounty and let our half ling prisoner go. It was time to take care of the books for [[Vinless & Company]] ad begin the recruiting proses for finding a replacement for our wizard. I made notes in the ledgers of our activities and divide up the gold and silver among the group. I also then solidified our policies on the ownership and usage of magic items acquired during corporate activities. It seems that all magic items found while adventuring will be considered corporate property and is then lent out as materials to be used by the group as best the group feels is appropriate. All unused equipment will be liquidated and its value dispersed among the share holders. Those wishing to take personal ownership of an item will have to reimburse the company for taking the item. Why these things seem to be important to me I am not sure but I guess having a large family myself I realize rules makes for less arguments in the future. I have yet to figure out what happens if we have an item several of us desire to use equally. Maybe we will have to draw lots or something…. Well you would think I was a dwarf considering all that prater. After we had taken care of the books Nex introduced us to a warrior named Jared who seemed like a sturdy fellow. It seems that wizard talent was not something we were going to find in this town and this Jared fellow would be the next best thing. We took a vote and decided to accept his application into the Company. Then we moved on to take care of some personal finances and equipment gathering I personally was on the lookout for getting an ever burning torch and a climbing kit. I also wanted to see about having some light barding made for Ginders considering that we would be seeing more action in the neer future. All the transactions were going fine and the shop keeper a good fellow by all accounts was offering reasonable prices for his wears. Then he stepped into the back room and all hell broke loose. Apparently Fliet decided to take inventory for himself and made his way into the back room. Well as the shopkeeper when back to get what I payed for he found Fliet. All hell broke loose and I tried my best to defuse the situation. Fire, drowning and a little bit of punishment seemed to help and the shopkeeper let us off easy but it was a completely embarrassing situation from start to Finnish. In the future I think I am going to have to be a little bit more direct with Fliet about when its not appropriate to use his skills. With that wrapped up we headed out of town and took several days to get to the ruins. We carefully made our way through the ruins and eventually found a hatch leading down below. There was a dull light coming from below and we made ourselves ready and sent Fliet down first to investigate. It was not long before we met some of the residence of the dungeon we had just entered. Jared proved to do a quite admirable job of holding down the opposition. While the rest of us maintained control and spacing of the area in oder to maximize our ability to eliminate the threat. Even having Patrin fall into the pit trap in the center of the room became a surmountable problem as I was able to tie a rope around a coll om and send the rope down so he could climb out easily. We made short work of the goblins. So we are taking a short rest and collecting our equipment up and taking an inventory of the goblins pockets… now what direction should we head in next?

Journal entry Tsuen VA
journal entry for the pit fight

After our long and hard fought battle in the caves we looted what we could and regrouped. I remember thinking once that this was going to be an easy thing adventuring verses a life under the thumb of Greta and Gursen now I am not so sure. I guess being beaten makes you stronger like steel and I find myself hardening to the challenges. At least Ginders is having a decent time of it. We collected up some modest loot though to me its more than I have ever had. We took some time to regroup and gather our strength and moved on following our best guess of direction of were our boss went. We followed until we came to a river and with a little ingenuity and a rope we forged it successfully. Wet but no worse for wear and we moved along. It was not much more than a day and a half and we came along to a dig site. A huge pit was excavated within were several men with shovels a suspicious looking Gnome and a pair of his pets (beasts of unknown origin with sharp teeth.) On the far side of the pit was a halfling pointing us out to the Nome below. The pit appeared to have some old dragon bones that had been excavated out. The Gnome began gesturing for us to come down to talk and it all just seemed a bit suspicious to me. That said its hard to deny an invitation and I did not have real proof that something was out of sorts so I decided to go down. I did however leave my companions on the ridge in an advantageous position to back me up if things went afoul. Sure enough they sure did in short order and I was attacked. I escaped in taking a shot for my efforts but the battle was on. We fought hard and by the skin of our teeth we won out. We took a moment to rest and began investigating the digging site and interrogating our halfling prisoner. We discovered a silver mirror and soon after my old boss who was concealed in a bag. He was mighty happy to see us and we set about learning what had happened to him. Unfortunately our companion Wizard succumbed to his injuries from the battle. We decided the best we could do was bury him in the remains of the dragon bones a fitting place for a wizard we thought. I wish we had had more time to get to know him.

In which tactics is discussed

Following their near defeat at the hands of an unruly group of kobolds, our heroes retire for the night with a discussion about tactics and possibly the need for some sort of coordinated action. In the morning they continue south, following the map they received until in the distance they heard the chatter of kobold voices. A quick fight ensued and the heroes prevailed mightily against the guards outside the entrance to the kobold lair. Unfortunately, one of the kobolds escaped to warn those inside of the attack.

Upon entering the lair the party was hit from all sides by kobold flankers. Only the cunning of Vin Gates saved them as he launched a flaming sphere of fire onto the kobolds, burning hoards of them into a crisp. Shortly, the vile goblin berserker Irontooth entered the fray, felling first one and then another of the heroes. Just when all seemed lost, a timely blow from Fliet dropped Irontooth to his knees. Though sustaining a mortal wound, Irontooth called out “Kaleral and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!” before expiring.

And so it begins
Well gee, that was convienent

As the story begins, the party, having discovered that they are all for one reason or another traveling to Winterhaven, sets out on a two week journey along the Old King’s Road. The journey is uneventful until the last two days, when they are ambushed by kobolds. The heroes put up a good fight with few injuries and proceed to Winterhaven.

At Wrafton’s Inn in Winterhaven, Tsuen Va discovered from Elian the Old that treasure hunter extraordinaire Douvan Strall left with his team several weeks ago to excavate the supposed final resting place of Kranok the Terrible, a dragon that terrorized the are around Winterhaven a hundred years ago.

Things became interesting when Fliet approached Lord Padraig’s table and signalled his non-violent intent by drawing his dagger and offering it to them, unfortunately it was point first. Padraig’s men misinterpreted this generous gesture and there was nearly an ?incident?, but this was diffused by the cleaver actions of Tsuin Va and Patrin, as well as the general agreement that Fliet was and idiot. Lord Padraig eventually offers to pay the party to remove the kobold infestation, or at least eliminate their new leader. He proffers a map to their lair to facilitate the process.

After a good night’s sleep, the party retrieves the map and departs. Shortly along their way, they are ambushed by another group of kobolds, almost as if it were known where they would be. This match proved much more difficult, with Tsuin Va, Fliet, and Vin Gates sustainning blows that temporarily removed them from combat. Afterwards, the party rests for the night to recover their strength before venturing on to remove the new leader of the kobolds.

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